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I was perhaps four or five years when I had my first taste of wine. Uncle Ken had brought it from a mall when coming to the party. He handed it to my father and said, “It is for the big birthday Boy”. I could remember that day vividly. My Father placed the wine Uncle Ken got beside my blue power ranger cake. I excitedly read out the word on the seal that sat beautifully on the bottle as a collar, ‘Original since 1918, Eva wine Peach. “It is Eva wine”, Shola, my best friend whispered

That day, I had a taste that I never would have thought was possible or existed. It was floral and creamy; compared to other drinks I’ve had; it wasn’t overly sweet. Everything was delicious to taste, and the air was fragrant. I could have sworn that I was eating another round of cake but, this time, in a liquid form. Eva liquid cake of deliciousness, maybe?!

After the party, Father informed me that I will start doing household duties like sweeping and washing dishes. He told me not to be scares as the Peach Eva wine I had earlier awoke the powerful boy within of me and that there are four different types of Eva wine, each with its own awakenings. Additionally, he claimed that the nutritional values are suitable for developing the Power Ranger in me, just as they did for Sister Beatrice who is a Cinderella in the world. It was his words, not mine. In fact, I shouldn’t share all the information with you because my father insisted that it was for my ears only.

Looking back now, I can only smile at the memories. I also understand that my father’s words that day was obviously to motivate me and to stop me from shattering a lot of glassware, including plates and glasses. As a Nigerian parent, you can understand the anxiety of plates and cups especially when you are transferring roles to your children. Today, my daughter will turn five and I will be introducing her to her first taste of wine and you can trust me to give her the same secret my father did.

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I was perhaps four or five years when I had my first taste of wine. Uncle Ken had brought it from a mall when coming