About Eva

Quality since 1918

Eva is more than a product; it’s an experience that we want to share with the world. The process and art of creating this masterpiece have a long and rich history. Eva wine is ageless, timeless and has maintained its quality since 1918.

It’s in the bubbles

You know what they say: a tree’s beauty is in its branches, but its strength is in its roots. When it comes to roots, all of the bubbly goodness and sweetness we distribute has a source. The countryside, where we cultivate our fruits, is firmly embedded in our soul and origin.

Eva wine derives its high quality and wild effervescence from the rich crystalline water of the Aitzarrateta natural spring. This is why you can’t miss Eva wine when it comes to enjoyment. Remember, every sip can send you into a frenzy of bubbly bliss.

For the good life

We’ve been pressing wine for over a century, and we are always committed to improving how we do things. Though the machinery and techniques used in creating Eva wine are advanced, our trade recipes remain traditional.

The good news is that you can enjoy Eva in four (4) exciting variants – red grape, sweet apple, peach juice and blue cocktail. If you are particular about looks, no worries. Eva also comes in a 75cl champagne-like bottle and every sip leaves a sweet sparkling impression on your palate. But making sweet impressions isn’t the only thing Eva leaves you with, it promotes the good life and good living among family, friends and loved ones.

Feel the vibes of


No matter the occasion, Eva wine is guaranteed to bring bubbles and sparkly goodness.

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