Eligibility: T&Cs

1. Introduction

Eva Wine is recruiting a brand ambassador to represent the brand in all marketing, communication, and publicity activities for one (1) year.

To ensure it spreads its net far and wide, Eva Wine has created a competition called the “Search for Miss Eva”. This competition involves a selected group of ladies who are pre-qualified using certain criteria.

The selected ladies will participate in an online game process involving trivia activities and questions to win the coveted title of Miss Eva.


Competition Dynamics


  1. These are the four (4) phases/durations of the Miss Eva Online Competition; 
  2. The selection of the shortlists from the first entries into the competition is deduced from certain criteria set by Eva Wine Nigeria, including creativity and social media engagement, among many others. 
  3. All shortlisted contestants will be expected to engage in three online games for two weeks.
  4. The games have specific instructions, and each contestant is scored for each game. The scores are displayed live on Eva Wine Nigeria’s official website on a leaderboard that includes a voting portal with voting points earned from the fans of each contestant. 
  5. The top finalists will be selected from the contestants with the highest scores in the online tasks/games. 
  6. All the top finalists will appear at the Miss Eva grand finale, held at a hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. A judging panel set up will evaluate the contestants and announce the winner of the face of Eva Wine.

2. Eligibility

To participate in the Search for Miss Eva Competition;

  1. You must be eligible for the promotion, you must be a legal woman, aged over 18.
  2. You must have received a pre-qualification notice from Eva Wine Nigeria.
  3. You must have a valid means of identification, as a native of Nigeria.
  4. You must be free of legal encumbrances or obligations to other brands competing with Eva Wine.
  5. You must be free of scandals and/or lawsuits that may be inimical to the brand image.
  6. You must not have any form of adult sexual content or nudes (video, audio, or print) available anywhere.

3. Conditions

Participation in the Search for Miss Eva Competition

  1. Participation in this Competition is voluntary, as such no customer is under any compulsion to participate.
  2. To participate, kindly follow the instructions set out in the relevant Communication Channels that are circulated via Eva Wine Social Media Channels or the website www.evawinenigeria.com
  3. Participation in this competition grants Eva Wine the rights to use your images and content as part of user-generated content for the duration of our Competition
  4. Participation is voluntary and doesn’t guarantee any monetary inducements or prize gifts.
  5. All winners will be chosen by Eva Wine Nigeria or/ and its successors, agents and assigns. Without written notice, duly signed by Eva Wine, no winnings or titles can be conferred on any participant.

Disqualifications in the Search for Miss Eva Competition

  1. A participant can be disqualified from the competition at any material time if Eva Wine discovers that any of the conditions set out in the T&C have been contravened.
  2. A disqualified participant will be required to return all cash, gifts, and other forms of rewards received during the process of competing.


  1. You shall not assign or transfer any or all your rights or obligations under the Competition.
  2. No third party shall have a right to enforce the T & Cs against Eva Wine Nigeria.
  3. Eva Wine shall not be responsible for any form of reward that is lost or delayed as a result of any network, computer, cell phone hardware, or software failure of any kind.
  4. Failure by us to enforce a right under the T&Cs does not result in a waiver of such right(s).
  5. If any part of the T & Cs is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, all other parts of the T&Cs shall be unaffected and shall remain in force.
  6. Any documents or information received from us and our agents will be treated as confidential.
  7. By participating in this Competition, you acknowledge that our determination and decision on all matters concerning the Competition or the cash reward will be final, and no correspondence will be entered.
  8. Any dispute or situation not covered by the T&Cs will be resolved by our management in a manner it deems, in its sole discretion, to be the fairest to all concerned and, subject to section 5(f), that decision shall be final and binding on all participants.
  9. These Terms may be amended by the company from time to time and such changes shall be binding on future participants upon publication.
  10. Eva Wine shall not be liable to any participant for any loss, liabilities, claims, or proceedings arising from or otherwise in connection with this Competition. Therefore, you agree to and hereby indemnify and hold Eva Wine Nigeria harmless against any loss, claims, and liability whatsoever that you may incur or suffer as a result of or in connection with the Competition.

For more enquiries, please contact the company via email – [email protected]