Eva in Nigeria

Wine of choice

Grown and made in the countryside of Spain, this tasteful sparkling fruit wine with a rich tradition made its way to the Nigerian market in the early 90s. At a time when non-alcoholic wines were non-existent in the country. But since its arrival, Eva has satisfied the desires of lots of Nigerians who wanted to enjoy the thrill of wine without the alcoholic content. Eva has since played a key role in the Nigerian culture as the wine of choice for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many more events.

Endowed with a rich, natural taste of fresh fruits with fine bubbles, it’s the perfect wine for toasting, celebrating, and sharing moments. Eva has since become a part of the Nigerian story, witnessing key moments that have reshaped the country’s history, from sports to politics, to entertainment, and more.

When enjoyed, Eva leaves an unforgettable taste in the mouth, which makes every moment enjoyed and appreciated.

The Eva Nigeria CREW